Hello guys, I'm Seth an ordinary guy, i have no job, i don't have any special skills and I'm going to try to earn money on the internet. I've heard and read a lot about people making Big Bucks on the internet. May be they have skills, proper education and motivation to make Big Bucks on the internet. But how about the majority the ordinary people, like my self can we make money on the internet without the necessary skills needed and the education. thats what I'm going to find out. Starting today April 15, 2010 I'm going to find out all the money making business on the internet, educate my self and hopefully make a few bucks out of it. I'm going to post everyday report and how much did i earn on that day.

Bitlanders my last hope

Hello there guys, lately I've been searching for a nice place to earn money in the internet and there is none for now. Well there are lots out there but the earnings is so little you will be spending more money on electricity than really earning. I guess I just been used to with really pays huge amount in views but that was before they turned into a scam.

I have found this Bitlanders site where people share things photos videos and get paid with their buzz score. It is really a very slow process but I heard someone making $10 a day with it so it is really a great site to start up again.

From now on December 01 2014 I will report my progress in bitlanders and make a conclusion if it is worth it or not. So cross fingers guys I hope this site will give me steady income. is a Joke

Hello there guys..Well as you all know I have one goal in this internet thing. That is to make money online. I am finding and testing some potential websites that can make really and steady income.

A friend introduced me to an new social media site with a twist. I is really like but the owner of the website giveback 90% of the revenue of the site back to it's users. Well if you think about and how many billion dollars they making per year. It is a very interesting concept.

So last month I joined the site and keep my hopes high. I've been active for 1 month and guess what how much I've made. I just made $1.22 US Dollars in one Month and yeah I didn't even mention the worst part. Other members are backing out of it looks like a ghost town there right now and my earnings are going down not going up.

Sad to say it is a really nice concept but I thing the owners are greedy and they really didn't show the right computation of the earnings.


I joined bubblews early this year and instantly I fell in love with the site. Not just because they have very friendly members but because the payment is really good. I kenw I can excel with this website so I set aside all of my online jobs and I stick to this one and bubblews exceeded my expectations. I was earning $30 Dollars a day just writing ten shor articles. I was paid almost $1,200 Dollars in about 4 months. I know I know it is not that big, but if I convert it into our currency that is really huge. 

Then the unexpected happened. Bubblews staff convinced us the users that will entering the next phase of it's life and the site will be faster easier to use and we can earn more. So we did we earn so much more and I know they doubled their earnings. Then suddenly people missing their redemption. Someone getting kicked out without any reason and not getting their money. At first I was skeptical about the unpaid rumors but then it happened to me at first I said to my self maybe it was just one missing payment. Then as the days goes by my missing payments ballooned at $700 then at that point I know something is wrong. 

It's been 90 days since my last redemption and until now there is no response from the bubblews staff that is why I knew that turned into a Scam. So be careful guys don't waste your time there. Find another website similar to bubblews but better.  


Hello there guys, it's been a long time since I visited and post on this site and I really impressed because it is still up and running and once in a while someone actually visiting this site. Well I am now back and I am glad to announce that I've been a smarter online earner and at the same time I've been improving in writing articles because most of my internet money came from writing articles. In the past 7 months I've been a writer in a very special website I will talk about that site later and how I made $1,200.00 US Dollars from it and they still owe me $700.00 US Dollars. It was really an interesting story and someone will be inspired and someone will be annoy by it. Well that's all for now and I good day everyone. 

Make money developing website

Hi there, Its been a very long time. Ow yeah before I forgot, I got $53 on my paypal account since my last post. I got to busy doing something else and now I'm back. I got hooked up on some online jobs again but now its different. I still continue my filesharing quest since it is the one who really gave me income. Almost %80 f my income came from filesharing site.

Now lets get back to my new online job. I got this job because some friend told me that one firm needed a website to showcase thier real estate listings, in short they needed a real estate website. But not just any website they needed a user friendly website that they can edit it regularly and update their listing without any coding to do. In short they needed a dynamic realestate website. No body offered them any help because they have limited funds, that's where I come in, I offered them cheap price for developing their site. Well I've worked on it about 2 week now and it is still a wod in progress. I will post here the progress of the site and my payment.

I have some sample logo for the site well like the site it self it is still work in progress:

Make money on File Shaing

Making money on file sharing is really easy compare it to Paid to Click Programs and Paid to Post Programs. In File sharing you just upload a file to File sharing site and every time somebody download that file you get paid. You can make a passive income as long as you posted your link to a high traffic sites and the file you are sharing is very important and it is a must have to other people. If you like to try it Register Here 

My payment proof

After you register, message me and I will guide you till you receive your first payout.