Hello guys, I'm Seth an ordinary guy, i have no job, i don't have any special skills and I'm going to try to earn money on the internet. I've heard and read a lot about people making Big Bucks on the internet. May be they have skills, proper education and motivation to make Big Bucks on the internet. But how about the majority the ordinary people, like my self can we make money on the internet without the necessary skills needed and the education. thats what I'm going to find out. Starting today April 15, 2010 I'm going to find out all the money making business on the internet, educate my self and hopefully make a few bucks out of it. I'm going to post everyday report and how much did i earn on that day.


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  6. Very nice site you have here, it can be done :) Ive been dabbling with earning online for a couple years now, and have been Paid To Date: $2,163.55

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    Im passing a couple links to you, which are forums that update daily, sites that pay, and sites to stay away from

    Ive followed you to watch your progress, its exciting making that money isnt it?